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Seasonal Fragrances

Seasonal Fragrances

Sugar Shack (Introduced in January)
One of the most enjoyable early spring traditions of going to a sugar bush and watching and smelling maple syrup being made right in front of you

Mellow Yellow (Introduced in June)
An interesting combination of honey dew Melon and Hyacinth. A light sweet fruity smell that is perfect for summer

Island Breeze (Introduced in August)
A combination of tropical fruits and flowers that smells like your in an Caribbean paradise.

Festive Memories (Introduced in October)
A mixture of French Vanilla and a touch a Cinnamon. Once you smell this you will be in mood for Christmas

Jack Frost (Introduced in October)
Think of grinding up some peppermint candies and smelling the result

Santa’s Bake Shop (Introduced in October)
One of our most enjoyable Christmas traditions. Bake the gingerbread and then you assemble a house and decorate with lots of icing and candies

Snowy Cedar (Introduced in October)
Bring your artificial Christmas tree to life with this perfect scent. Eliminate the watering and cleaning up all the needles