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Store Representative

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Do you want traffic to your store?

Do you want the opportunity to carry a staple of Elgin County community?

Sparta Country Candles is pleased to announce the starting of a new consultant program that allows selected stores to sell our candle products and accessories. Our unique approach allows the retailer to sell our products at a commission of 25% before taxes. All of our candles are 100% guaranteed. If a customer is unhappy with our products or have a concern simply give them a replacement and we will reimburse you with the product. We also like to address any concerns personally.  We promote and advertise your business on social media and instore. Our store is open 7 days a week, 12 months a year so if you have any concerns or comments you just need to call 1-800-463-1447 or 519-775-0054. Our products are well known and sell themselves. Our candles are known for their great quality and their low price. You will find being a Sparta consultant that you will attract customers that normally wouldn’t frequent your store. If you decide that this approach does not work for you after 6 months we will buy back all your undamaged stock. Retailer package starts at $522.14 (sells for $670.47). Please contact us for more information by calling or email